Mauricio Tognetti's patterns and prints

branding, visual design and art direction

Mauricio Tognetti's patterns and prints

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visual design
and art direction

Mauricio Tognetti
Graphic Designer: Print – Digital – Branding.

London-based graphic designer with roots in architecture, magazine design and typography, specialised in branding print & digital design.

With a multidisciplinary background, I’m passionate about branding, printing patterns and digital design across multiple platforms.

With a strong conceptual mind and extensive experience across multiple sectors, throughout my career I delivered projects for clients such as British Telecom, Daimler Chrysler, Mercedes, Hennessy, the BBC and so on. See a few of my selected works.

I am client led, but never shy to take a bold approach to my projects in order to find the best way to convey an idea. My strength lies in creating the bridge between the creative, managerial and technical sides of projects, making sure the initial passion and ideas that sparks a project, remains true all the way through launch and beyond.

I help businesses to grow and promote their brands successfully to make a mark, both online and offline, by repositioning and expressing their businesses in order to achieve their goals.

I create new brands and reposition old ones to help businesses to fully understand and make better use of them. I coach clients and businesses on how to grow, improve their peer credibility and improve visibility.

Folding shapes by Visual Designer Mauricio Tognetti


Branding: proposition, naming, testing, analysis and visual identity, brand book/ guidelines
UI / Print and Digital design, Art direction
IA / User experience, SEO
Marketing / creative strategy
Infographics, posters, books, flyers, icons
Creative / content strategy for social media and marketing email

Software skills: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Sketch, Adobe XD, HTML/CSS, UI/UX, WordPress, e-commerce

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